SID Congress Barcelona

June 11th-16th, 2023

SID Congress Barcelona

June 11th-16th, 2023

SID Congress Barcelona

June 11th-16th, 2023

SID Congress Barcelona

June 11th-16th, 2023

Welcome Message from SID Congress in Barcelona on June 11th-16th, 2023

Jordi Farrés
President of the SID group
President of the ADECAT
Local Organizing Committee

As the President of the SID Group I am back to you to invite you all to attend the next edition of SID Congress in Barcelona on June 5th-10th , 2020, organized by the Catalan Precision Turned Parts Manufacturing Association (ADECAT). After the pandemic caused by COVID-19 with lots of restrictions and challenges we had to face during these 2 long years, not only in our personal lives with our families but also with a huge impact in our companies and ordinary activities, we the Catalan Association believed that 2022 was the year to restart activities in the most normal way.

After a quite optimistic restart of the year, since beginning of January all signs from everywhere indicated that the end of the pandemic was just around the corner. So we were excited for organizing a wonderful Congress which could let us joint altogether again, under safe conditions and with the aim to share experiences an challenges with each other.

But once more again an unpredictable fact from outside, put us again in trouble. And this time with the worst expression of humanity in form of a war. The Ukraine’ s invasion by Russian forces despite to be a complete tragedy for Ukraine’s people, put all the economy in trouble with big consequences for all actors of the economic chain.

If Covid affected specially service sectors with special impact on tourism and leisure, results of current war puts in a critical situation most of the industries with high need of raw materials and energy.

During all 2021 raw materials start to scale prices until very double its prices but now the crisis of energy costs as well as some raw materials like nikel, aluminium or gaz will put in danger the complete industrial chain.

Difficult moments to be optimistic, but more than ever is time to share to talk and to learn from each other to find better solutions for all. Each one at his house, at his country, but all together, we must find a way to cooperate and share experiences to be out of this difficult situation as soon as possible.

Just a brief positive comment in order to encourage you all to come to Barcelona and to participate of this great experience. SID Congress is planned for June, when the weather is wonderful here in Catalunya, so the risk of a new Covid wave is lower than ever, and with time enough for our politics to find a solution of this irrational war which makes us all to get back for decades.

In any case we have prepared an amazing program with the aim to have great time on factory visits as well as a great activities for all partners. Day is long on summertime and we will try to spend very nice journeys during SID Congress 2022.
We invite you all to visit regularly our website where we will implement any information of interest for all of you.

I am looking forward to meet you all because the best has yet to come, and together can make it possible.

Programme SID Congress

Partners Programme, Delegates programme.
Visit the factories.

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Hotel SID Congress

The NH Collection Barcelona Constanza hotel is in the heart of Barcelona’s business district, next to Avenida Diagonal and L’illa shopping center.

Factory Visits

The program is set up to give you an insight into the future of our industry.